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Must have skills for an Android Developer

Having the need to build or develop an Android app is the one common thing that every business share today. Because having an Andriod application is beneficial in more than one ways. This is the reason for the high demand for Android developers across the world. But developing an Android app is no simpler task. It requires an in depth knowledge certain things programming language, app interface and much more. These sort of knowledge comes only from completing the Android Development course to gain better understanding of the fundamental concepts of Android Developer. One of the basic approach when dealing with new technology is to break the process and workflow to make things easier and efficient time management. This is the common skill that everyone should have irrespective of the field. Developing an Android app will be easier for a web developer as most of the process and workflow similar to developing a website. But there are also web developers who are not well versed in developing Android apps. This is because developing android application requires a lot of experience and mastery in the nuances of the process.

This massive need for Android app is also due to ubiquitous of smartphones in today's technological era. Because more than 70% of Indian population is already using an advanced smartphone and they are demanding much better features in every Android application. In order to develop an impeccable Android Apps, you should be well versed in all concepts of Android which will be discussed in this blog. The most common skills to become a successful Android developer are programming language knowledge and different tools associated with Android Development. Check out must have skills for an Android Developer.

Essential Skills to become successful Android Developer

  • Should know Java
  • Great Understanding of XML
  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio
  • APIs
  • Material Design
  • Databases
  • Problem Solving Ability
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