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Myths about Java

Java was initially developed for interactive TV, however, back then it had been too advanced of technology for the cable tv business. The history of Java begins with a team known as Green Team who come forward with a project to develop a programming language for digital devices like televisions, set-top boxes and so on. However, it has now been suited to a wide range of platform as web programming. Later, Java incorporated by almost all web browsers.

The reasons behind the creation of Java were simple. As told by Green Team that they wanted a programming language that was strong, platform-independent, object-oriented, portable, secure language, interpreted, impeccable performance, multithreaded, architecture-neutral and dynamic.

In this quick, competitive world with burgeoning technology Java programming language and development has already reached the next successive level, Java has evolved over the years. With the emergence of AI and machine learning, Java has now shifted its focus towards security, secure transactions, and turning into a versatile tool for enterprise networks and applications. Despite all this progress and efforts put by developers working on the Java, there are umpteen myths always surrounding Java and its platform. But these myths will be no matter to you if you learn Java. Because learning Java will let you understand the fundamentals and basic. Check out most common myths about Java.

  • Java is Dead
  • Java is slow
  • Java is paid service
  • Java can't leak memory
  • Java is complicated
  • Java is not secure
  • Java program needs to be run inside web page
  • Java is obsolete
  • Java is extension of HTML
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