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Principles of Good Website Design

The design is not what decides the success or failure of an online business rather the usability (ie) user interface and utility (ie) user experience does. Since the user of a webpage is the one who clicks the mouse and he/she decides everything. So user-centric and profit oriented web design has become the most common approach for attracting more customer and to be successful in your field of business. So design a website that is user friendly is a crucial part of web designing because if a user can't use a feature or navigate through the website, then every other thing could go in vain.

This article is not aiming to discuss how to design a website and its implementation process in detail. Because there tons and tons of resources out there to guide you. Instead, this articles is intended to concentrate more on the most important and vital principles, heuristics and approaches for effective web design. If these approaches and principles are taken into consideration while designing a website, then it will result in more refined design decisions and simplify the method of comprehending presented content in the user's or visitor's perspective. If you're really interested in learning how to design a website, then we recommend completing a web designing course in Chennai.

What are the principles of Good Web design

  • Design and interface shouldn't be confusing and makes the user to think too much
  • Easy Navigation throughout the website
  • Manage to focus user's attention
  • Keep it simple, clean and neat
  • Concentrate on Visual Hierarchy
  • Great Content architecture
  • Faster page loading time
  • Make Mobile friendly
  • Don't be skimpy on spacing
  • Keeping testing the design
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