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Kotlin Vs Java

When recently Google disclosed that Kotlin is one of the official programming language for Android development at Google IO in 2017, Android developers and web developers who wish to become android developers are in perplexity. However, you should address the elephant in the room which is whether or not you must learn Kotlin or Java.

If you are a complete beginner who is looking to learn Android Development course, then it is highly recommended to learn Java to understand basic workflow of the programming language in Android development. However, if you're a Java developer who needs to upgrade your skills and wants to land a lucrative job in this huge market of android app development, then it is pretty obvious that he or she should learn Kotlin.

When we meant beginners should begin with Java in order to develop an Android app, you should be thinking that Kotlin is way more productive, lightweight and efficient coding, and currently the official programming language of Android development. Despite all these benefits, you should be wondered why are recommend learning Java. However, we will try to justify this claim why we recommend a beginner android developer to begin with Java instead of Kotlin.

The first and foremost factor is that Android development isn't just the end of the world everything. 7Pixelz - as an expert in programming and connoisseur of coding, we feel highly responsible to answer and justify this question. If you wish you to start a career in Android development, then if you begin with a well-established programming language like Java, you will become a part of the massively big Java community and market, that directly implies that there are a lot of job opportunities. Check out the Pros and Cons of Java and Kotlin

Pros of Java

  • Easy to learn
  • Android SDK supports huge range of Java Libraries
  • Highly Flexible to run on both JVM and browser
  • Open source ecosystem
  • Accelerated Assembly in Gradle
  • High Development Speed
  • Compact that Kotlin

Cons of Java

  • Limitations in Android API design
  • Higher risks of bugs and error because of its long syntax
  • Bit slower

Pros of Kotlin

  • Switching to Kotlin is Easy
  • Features Smart Extensions and functions that help to build flawlessly APIs
  • More Concise than Java
  • Places null directly in the type system
  • Advantage of Anko library and more than 2000 Kotlin project on Github

Cons of Kotlin

  • Requires steep leaning curve
  • Slow compilation speed in comparison to Java
  • Smaller Community
  • Android studio's compilation and auto complete tends to get slower
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