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Quick Backlink Audit

It is an undeniable fact the backlinks are one among the most important ranking factor in the search engine's perspective. Backlinks might sound easy and simple like finding the most reliable resource to link to your webpage or website so as to increase the Google SERP of that particular webpage. But often people end up building bad backlinks. By bad backlinks, we mean the links from irrelevant or spammy sources. Most of the times the links from these kinds of the source are seen as poor quality and diminishing the page rating (PR) and value by the search engine. Which is why it is often recommended to assess or carry out an extensive backlink audit. However, to do it, one should be knowing the nitty-gritty of Off-page SEO which is achieved by intensive Digital marketing training or learning the fundamentals of SEO from the best SEO training Institute.

Backlink audit is crucial which considered even before you start a link building campaign for your website or webpages. So this will eliminate the threat of poor quality which can affect your website's Google SERP ranking. Also, it will let to carry out a neat and clean link building campaign with fresh and high quality links.

Why Backlink Audit?

An extensive Backlink audit will let you check that your website is in good shape after a successful link building campaign. It will let you ensure that your website is not being referred by irrelevant and spammy backlink which can adversely affect your SEO efforts in the long-run. In the worst case, it will get you penalized by Google.

The simple and effective tips of Backlink audit is given below

  • Gather the complete list of your backlinks
  • Analyse and assess whole of your backlink profile
  • Keep an eye on backlink's acquisition rate and compare it with your competitor
  • Narrow the negative and dangerous backlinks
  • Recheck suspicious backlinks
  • Get rid of all harmful links
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