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Role of CSS in Web Designing

What is CSS?

Before getting started with the role of CSS in web designing, it is essential to understand What is CSS? CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is mainly used to indicate or denote how the elements of HTML should appear on a web page. CSS can also help in linking to other documents on the website. The one reason why most of the web designers prefer CSS is because it is lighter compared other language and array layout which takes up of lots and lots of bandwidth and once CSS and its style sheets are loaded, it is stored in a cache. This will load the pages faster.

Importance of CSS in Web Designing

Web design is what makes the website more appealing to its users. Web design is what gives life to a website. Web design plays an integral part of a website and has a major role in a website's performance and user interface. Which is why often web designer emphasizes much about web design of a website. Impeccable web design will help in more than one ways such as increase the website's loading speed, attract user, ensure better traffic and so on. However, this can be achieved by learning web designing course.

With CSS, web designing has become a lot easier and everything comes in handy. CSS will let you modify the complete stylization of the web page and you can take full control over it with the help of it. With the help of CSS, you have control or modify HTML elements and how it should appear not just on one web page but also in different web pages. However, you should keep in mind that CSS only defines the content presentation and structure of a website. It can't control the functionality of a website which can be controlled in the web development process.

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