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Role of Java in Android Development

Java plays a major role in developing Android Development. Java is mot popular and most preferred programming language across the world not just for Android Development but it is being employed many other things. But as far as Android app is concerned, Java is the building blocks of every single app in Google play store. In very rare cases, people use other programming languages like C and C++ to develop an Android App. But Java is used for Android Development like almost 95% of the times. Even when you started with Android development by setting up Android Studio, its default programming language is set to Java to start coding the app development process. Not to mention the Software Development Kit (SDK), most of the libraries in them are of JVM. Before taking up Android Development Training, you should have strong foundation and understanding of Java which can be gained only if you learn Java.

Java along with XML is essential for the development of any Android Apps. XML is mostly used for back end development and to write logics for it. Java is high level programming language used for all the functionalities of the app whereas XML is used mostly for the design of the application like User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Java is object oriented programming language and XML is also known object oriented language just because it supports and features inbuilt data types in Java. Check out the Key aspects of using Java in Android Development

Importance of Java in Android Development

  • Java is easy and quick to learn for developers
  • Java is platform independent
  • Java is object oriented language
  • Java is highly secure
  • Java offers flawlessly interface
  • Better inheritance
  • Multithreading
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