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Secret to rank on first page of Google

As we all know, Google is the most popular and vastly used search engine in the world. Google crawls a webpage or website at regular intervals to show on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). SERP is nothing but the list of links shown to users when they are searching for something on Google. The position of the links on the SERP is what we call Google rankings or SEO rankings. Every online business today just reply on Google as it holds millions to billions of users per day. So it is quite important for every business to rank its website on the first page of Google. So how to accomplish it? There are options: 1. Hiring an SEO company to rank at top positions on Google and other search engines 2. Get SEO course from industry experts. Either of the options should suffice for anyone to rank a page on Google. This blog will look-see the best secrets or fundamentals to rank on first page of Google.

Why ranking on first page is important?

Just like every business relies on Google, the user or future-customer trust Google immensely and always believe what it shows to them. It makes Google SERP robust and increasingly engaging day by day.

Interesting statics to emphasize the point "why ranking on first page is important?" is given below

  • Almost 40% Click Through Rate (CTR) in the first position
  • It decreases more than half of it in the second position which is 12% CTR.
  • And the third position is recorded with 9% CTR
  • As it is evident that the Click Through Rate (CTR) keeps on decrease as the SERP position increases. It gradually decreased down to 2% for 10th position on the first SERP on Google.

    Here are the secrets to rank on the first page of Google

    • Start SEO by targeting long-tail keywords
    • Write a blog to build internal links
    • Start Local SEO & add your business on Google Business listings
    • Alter Meta Tags to increase CTR
    • Increase Domain Authority by Building Backlinks
    • Optimize for Mobile devices and users
    • Cater smoother and user friendly on UX (User Experience)
    • Make sure the content is compatible & can be viewed in all device
    • Regular SEO audit
    • Measure Organic Performance GSC (Google Search Console)
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