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SEO Checklist for a Web Designer

What is SEO?

SEO an acronym for Search engine optimization - is a collective name for all the processes that are devised to enhance the chances of the ranking a website in the search engine like Google in their Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Each search engine features a program that when a user is searching on the internet with some keywords for certain parameters or needs in the websites and based on that search engines offer them the list of results according to their keyword. These programs search for user entered keywords in the URL and also the Meta tags, content, image alt text and so many things, so it is important that keywords should be used accordingly to rank on the SERP. Often, SEO companies before getting started with their SEO strategies will perform extensive SEO analysis on the keywords to know what needs to be incorporated in the website in order to rank on the SERP. So you might be thinking about what is the role of web designer in SEO. A web designer should design an SEO friendly website that should load faster, have well-optimized images, easier navigation to decrease the bounce rate and so on. All these things should be taken by the web designer which we have discussed in the previous article.

As you would possibly have noticed that there are several factors that need to be influenced to optimize a website for search engines. But often, even Web design experts tends to forget or leave out some of the essential components of an SEO friendly website. In order to help you with this, we have come up with an essential SEO checklist for Web designers. If you are a novice to web designer and interested in learning web designing, then you can take up a web designing training in Chennai.

SEO Checklist for a Web Designer

  • Easier Accessibility and navigation
  • Optimized URLs for search engines
  • Sitemaps
  • Content architecture
  • Well optimized Images
  • Optimized loading speed
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