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SEO copywriting in 7 steps

Often, people think too much about their readers and visitors. They often end up complicating things up. Coming up with winning content isn't really a coup. At the same time, you shouldn't take SEO for granted. You may be marketer, agency or entrepreneur and might have the knack of creating new content by several means. But there SEO copywriting is not same as creating or writing new piece of content. Because one should be careful and keep duplicate content in the mind as it could adversely affect the rankings of your website. Creating a great piece of content requires a lot of focus on right keyword for your target audiences. Copywriting is slightly different than creating new content. Copywriting will allow for your website to attain high ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Copywriting SEO is not as difficult as it might sound to you. One could take up SEO course to master SEO copywriting and really understand the significant changes it makes.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is just like creating or writing content from the content that already ranks high on Google. But you shouldn't end up creating the same exact content which results in duplicate content. SEO copywriting involves several techniques like pairing SEO which can effectively and efficiently appeal to search Engine and visitors as well. SEO copywriting is split into three parts which are as follows:

  • Come with a topic that has high search traffic potential
  • Create the best version of that topic online
  • Create Link triggers into that content.

Check out the 7 easy steps for SEO copywriting

  • Always start with informational keywords
  • Create a detailed piece of content with high search intent
  • Study high ranking pages on Google SERP
  • Highlight what other posts miss out
  • Create really engaging intro
  • Make sure people will share your post
  • Fine tune your content
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