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Best SEO training institute in Chennai - so much buzz around this word and the search for the best SEO training courses available is vast. It is mainly because SEO training course is considered as a basic skillset for people in web development industry. Since SEO training gives a great advantage for professionals in terms of the leads and the clients, everyone has a love towards SEO training. It can be learnt by anyone who has a decent command of english and has greater quest for learning and development.

SEO Course in Chennai

7Pixelz offers the best Search Engine Optimization - SEO Course in Chennai, with full time SEO Experts handling real time projects. Our flexible best SEO training in Chennai is very much mixed with live projects including International Clients and practical from that of our completed and ongoing projects. Our well experienced and knowledgeable trainers are awaiting to share experience and knowledge to our students. 7PIXELZ offers the best SEO course in Chennai, where training on Advanced SEO Tools will be provided with flexible Weekday and Weekend batches.

Best SEO Training in Chennai

Despite offering best seo course in chennai, 7Pixelz offers SEO Course online too, to facilitate the students and trainers to access our training module remotely. Our 40+ hours intensive seo course in Chennai give a connected feeling and helps to make the student understand the concepts better with the seo assignments given at the end of every session. The SEO training module is same as that of the classroom training, except for few more assignments at the end of every session in order to estimate the understanding of basic seo concepts and advanced seo training concepts.

SEO Training institute in chennai

The reason why 7PIXELZ is the best SEO training institute in chennai is mainly because of the best SEO trainers and the SEO course module with great hands-on experience. It helps the trainees to work on real-time projects and examples. Our training methodologies are easy to comprehend and anyone can take up. The reason why students and professionals prefer 7PIXELZ to be the best SEO institue in Chennai is because the trainees will be 100% able to rank any website to rank at the higher positions on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

What is SEO training ?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a multiple step process to increase the visibility of a webpage or website. SEO is the best way to increase traffic to any website if done correctly. The traffic gained as a result of SEO is known as organic traffic since you won't be spending a penny out of your pocket. Links on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is referred as organic search results. SEO is the most effective technique and method to increase the quality and quantity of the website's traffic through organic search results from the search engines. SEO is a very powerful tool which is helping many of the website builders to bring their site in the top most of search engine results. SEO course in Chennai will teach you how to rank a website or webpage quickly and effectively in the long run. SEO is divided into three major categories - On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO.

On-Page SEO training

The first and foremost thing to be taken care for ranking a website on the search engine is On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO is purely based on the keywords. Keywords are the queries when users search on Google or other search engines to find the answer to his/her questions. Optimizing the respective page or the whole website with the targeted keywords will help the website to rank better and higher in the Search Engines. Also, On Page SEO will be focused to in-depth in our best SEO course in Chennai

92% of the online search traffic goes directly to the first page of the search engine. If you rank on the first page of the website not only focusing on the keywords but also concentrate on the written SEO driven keywords. It may increase traffic of your website. Create different webpage with different keywords and creating different pages with unique content may help for easy access for the Google There are many strategies to improve the ranking one works better than the other. Because Google handles more than 40,000 search queries per second. From the competitive searches find a target, potential, unique and powerful keyword to make easier for the users to find your website. And there are several tools online to get the keywords. Most popular one are Google AdWords and Google trend that gives you the search volume of the intended keyword and you can note down the keywords with low search volume. So you will know which is the best set of keywords to use for website to rank at higher positions on Google. You can also find the competitor in the keyword search tool. By searching the keyword search tool to find a competitor status and a high ranking keywords. It’s better to use a unique keyword otherwise use a long tail keyword for a better result.

Once you find the most relevant and valuable keywords and prepared a keyword list then it’s time to create a content using a keywords. You should write a content with primary keyword but you should be over using of keywords because it will be considered as a keyword stuffing and Google has unique algorithm for the keyword stuffing which will defer the website or webpage's position in search results. Describe the content with the clear description and related images so that it will attract and create an expectation for the users. Use the primary keywords in the following areas

  • Title
  • Heading and subheading
  • URL (if possible)
  • Image Alt text
  • Meta description
  • through the content

While writing a content for a webpage, spread the selected keywords throughout the content. The content gives a personalized look and makes the target audiences to read and enjoy. So it is always recommended to have or write a detailed content post. Long content posts are more likely to appear on the top search results in search engine. When the content post is long with more than 1000 words, it is means that the content post is very detailed and features a widespread of keyword throughout the content. So that it will rank higher in Google SERP and bring a quality traffic to your website and eventually it will increase the conversion rate. If you are looking for rank a website then learn content writing from best SEO training institute in Chennai.

Off-Page SEO training

Off-page SEO training refers to the reputation building aspect for a site. There are umpteen number of ways to build backlinks. But, yet at 7PIXELZ, you will learn how to use the legit ways, understand the timeline required for building backlinks and the effect it takes to boost the positions of keywords in SERP and also the online reputation. All these will be taught in our best SEO training in Chennai

There are many people complaining that their website is not ranked on Google and other search engines even after doing SEO for umpteen months. But what they forget to focus on is Off-page SEO. Most people today are so focused on On-page SEO and leaving out Off-page SEO without even considering it. But, Google takes every off-page factors into account when ranking a website or webpage in its SERP. And backlinks is a major factor when it comes to Off-page SEO. But there are several factors. So it becomes challenging for anyone to rank only with the content on their website or webpage. Effective Off-page SEO actions will indicate Google and other search engines on how the world perceives your webpage or website. For instance, say your website is referred by highly popular sites like Tumblr, Dribbble etc, Google consider your website as noteworthy just because it is being referred to your website. Off-page SEO is quite important for increasing business exposure or branding. Having good Off-page SEO practices will only make things good for you.

Link building is one among the most important and essential aspects of SEO. At the same time, it is also one among the most misunderstood and toughest areas of Search Engine Optimization. It is a well known fact that getting high-quality links with White Hat Link Building techniques to your website is one of Google’s important ranking factors, however, not all links are created equally and link building techniques have been significantly modified in recent years. If you're looking to increase your website's ranking and trying to drive more traffic, then you must have a consistent strategy to accomplish it. The best way is to do that is with White hat Link Building technique. But this is not as easy as you might think. Because you should be well versed with the fundamentals of SEO. So it is highly recommended to master SEO course so that you will understand the nitty-gritty of Link Building technique.

Technical SEO training

Although this gets more on the advanced SEO part, it is always good to understand the architecture and the algorithms better to understand the working of Search engines. Technical SEO training offers you learning about crawlers, bots and ways to better index the website to get listed in SERP. It mainly works on reducing the crawl budget for the site. Our SEO course in Chennai will teach you the most effective and efficient ways to spend the crawl budget any website.

One of the main aspects of technical SEO is optimizing robots.txt and spending the crawl budget efficiently. Robots.txt is a basic text file on a website with a set of predetermined rules set by the website's owner to Google and other search engines. Robot.txt is simple yet effective when it comes to technical SEO. Also, robots.txt should be handled very carefully. Because even minor errors will have a huge impact on SEO rankings and prevent search engine bots from crawling the important contents and pages on your website. Robots.txt is seen as the mediator for your website and search engine bots or spiders. It tells those search engine bots and spiders what is the page that needs to be crawled and what not to be crawled. Having a perfectly optimized robots.txt will let you spend your website's crawl budget effectively and effectively.

Why should one take up SEO training ?

Optimizing with the keywords doesn't guarantee that the website or webpage will rank at the first position on the search engine. Because there are almost 200 factors involved in ranking a page or website which will be determined by the several algorithms of the respective search engines. So SEO course in Chennai will also teach the most important ranking algorithms as well for the better understanding of On-Page SEO. This is simply defined as the increased search ranking of your website and also improving the quality control of websites in order to gain website traffic.

Detailed & Step-by-Step SEO training in Chennai

However, the position of the links in the search engine results page (SERP) will be determined by the search engine's algorithms. Ranking a website or webpage at the top most position will help in the getting the high quality and quantity traffic as it is seen as the most trusted page or site on the internet by most people. Hence, SEO is the powerful tool to maintain an online reputation for any business and build a trust for the products or service offered. 7Pixelz, the Best SEO training Institute in chennai, will teach the nitty-gritty of Search Engine Optimization as all our SEO concept will taught by the highly experienced industry experts who are well versed with top Search Engine algorithms.

It is a well know fact that Google is the most popular and vastly used search engine in the world. Google crawls a webpage or website at regular intervals to show on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). SERP is nothing but the list of links shown to users when they are searching for something on Google. The position of the links on the SERP is what we call Google rankings or SEO rankings. Every online business today just rely on Google as it holds millions to billions of users per day. So it is quite important for every business to rank its website on the first page of Google. So how to accomplish it? Get SEO course from industry experts. This is the best options for anyone to rank a page on Google. When master all the core concepts of SEO, you will be able to rank any website on Google.

Learning SEO is not a rocket science. SEO is simple and cool. Anyone with good English proficiency can start their career as an SEO executive then to become an SEO expert. But most people, today, are just intimidated by the technical terms like Google indexing, crawling, backlinks, alt text, image optimization, nofollow and dofollow, white hat SEO and black hat SEO and the list goes on and on. But it is not as hard or complicated as you imagine it might be. All these SEO jargons and complicated concepts will be familiar to you as well when you master the fundamentals of SEO.

Things to remember in SEO

Some people do not use keyword research tool before creating their content. Keyword research tools such as semrush and Google keyword tool used to find the queries search by the people in the Google search box .people do not use these queries to their created content. If they use its more relevant to the user and its easy to understand by the users. The biggest SEO mistake is not having an unique title for every page in the webmaster. The title is important in the SEO for the better reach and position in the search results for the users. If you miss to have unique titles for every single page on your website then crawlers will leave out the site from crawling and mark your webpages as duplicate content. You will miss the chance of ranking your website in the browser. Many people believe only high volume keywords are used to increasing the ranking level and improve the overall traffic for their site. So they use only the high search volume keywords. Instead of using those high volume keywords, if you use long tail keywords, they will easily increase the overall traffic and ranking of the websites eventually. Many websites publish a content without a proper heading, paragraph and images. Google crawler see these kind of pages as a low quality website. It is quite to important optimize these things for both users and crawlers. By doing so, you will create a high quality website in meantime with proper html tags, images.

What is Search Engine Optimization Training?

SEO is essential for establishing and enhancing the online presence of businesses. To accomplishing it, one should be familiar with the strategies and tactics of search engine optimization. Taking up the SEO course in Chennai will help to learn those strategies and tactics with real-time projects and examples in approximately 10 days. Also, if you own a business, enrolling in the best SEO training institute in Chennai will cost you very less compared to when you want to hire an SEO consultant. SEO course in chennai will help you save lot of money. Mastering SEO course in Chennai will help you understand the needs of search engine. Once you acquire these skills, you will have confidence to become an entreprenuer or to start up your own business.

With almost every business opting to operate online, the demand for SEO experts and SEO companies growing every single day. If you want to learn how to increase a website's traffic and Google SERP rankings for keywords that can skyrocket sales and revenues, then it is highly recommended to take up best SEO course in 7Pixlez in order to become an SEO expert. Because SEO classes are taught by the industry experts and professionals with real time projects. This will clear all of your doubts and you will be able to have foundation in advanced SEO concepts. Since there is no college that offers a degree for SEO, so becoming an SEO expert is solely dependent on the person who wants to pursue a career in this field.

How important is SEO Training?

There is an 21st century saying, which goes as – The best place to hide a dead body is the 2nd page of Google. This just means that, most people who browse will not bother to visit the 2nd page of any search engines’ results. People are satisfied just with the results displayed on the 1st page and on most occasions, satisfied with the first few results on the 1st page. This brings an ultimate need for the businesses to employ Search Engine Optimization, which has acquired a huge priority in today’s competitive world. It is an ultimate method by which a website can be brought up to a top rank in the search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. so that it will be visible to the target users. This is a kind of online marketing that will provide a rapid increase of business’s ROI by generating leads.

Flexible SEO training

Flexible SEO Training in Chennai offers search engine optimization (SEO) courses that drive students to grow faster in this constantly evolving marketing world. We have flexible schedules to suit our students. Our best SEO training insitute in Chennai provides 100% practical classes with exposure to real time projects which provides best understanding of concepts and techniques that will lead to a successful career.

SEO training certification

Every candidate who attends SEO course in Chennai at 7PIXELZ will be offered a successful SEO training certification which will help to showcase your commitment and understanding of the subject. There will be an examination conducted with questions from all the modules which is mandatory to be completed and submitted by the candidates in order to secure the certificate. The SEO training certification from the best SEO training institute in Chennai will be helpful in placements since it will contain the score acquired and the site that has been worked on, during SEO course.

Advantages of SEO Training

Bring your website first page in organic search results which will increase your CTR.
Increased visibility in the search engine results enhances customer trust and your brand recognition.
The Internet is always ‘on’ so enjoy a 24/7 boost to your brand with SEO web promotion.
Now 7Pixelz providing perfect real time examples at our SEO Training in Chennai.

SEO Course Syllabus

  • Fundamental of SEO
  • How search engines work
  • Search Engines Types
  • SEO architecture
  • On-Page Optimization Techniques (More than 40 on-page techniques)
  • Off-Page Optimization Techniques (More than 20 off-page techniques)
  • Google Webmaster tools and techniques
  • Google Webmasters & Analytics
  • Search engine guidelines
  • How to write quality content
  • Keyword research
  • Directory submission
  • Blog creation and submission
  • Article submission
  • Link building techniques
  • Latest SEO Algorithm changes and updates
  • Case Study

Advanced SEO training

Once the basics of SEO are taught in the SEO training course, 7PIXELZ will help you with the advanced topics of SEO training. Advanced topics include

  • usage of various tools that are required.
  • Advanced link building strategies
  • Internal linking structures and analysis
  • Monitoring search results and continuously evaluating them

A brief intro to Link Building

Link Building is best defined in the terms of Off-page SEO as the process of getting more hyperlinks from another website to yours. While it is defined in terms of On-page SEO as the hyperlink on a webpage pointing to another page on the same website. This hyperlink (often called as Links) are used to navigate the users or visitors to related or better content on or off of the website.

Also, link building strategies will contribute to growth hack or strategy for your online business. Effective link building strategies can generate tons and tons of traffic every month. Both the internal links and external links are capable of increasing Google SERP rankings. And it is a proven fact. But most people think that this is only benefit associated with link building. But link building can benefit your business more than one way.

It is a well known fact the Google and other search engine bots use links to crawl a webpage of a website. There are umpteen techniques to build links on the web which vary in difficulty. Most SEO experts agree that link building is one of the difficult parts of their job. Which is why we recommended to take up SEO course in Chennai where we have included intensive link building techniques and strategies in our curriculum.

Who can learn SEO ? What is the eligibility criteria for SEO training ?

  • Any graduate/diploma/ITI course
  • Basic Internet knowledge
  • Basic computer skill
  • Knowledge of functional English

Is SEO training worth in 2020?

While the world is going digital in god speed, all that needs to be done is to keep up with the pace of the world to stand still and grow. A well optimized website is equal to high number of visits and increased brand reputation for the website. Increased visits and brand reputation leads to high sales. SEO training in Chennai will always be on the edge to offer great sales and reputation to every business. So, there will be a surge in need for employable SEO experts and SEO training is the go-to training for any working professional / student / entreprenuer.

Job Roles in SEO after SEO training in Chennai

SEO Consultant

After completing SEO training in Chennai, you may become an SEO analyst. Meaning you listen to your client's requirement and goal of their business. And then you will know how to devise strategies and techniques and draft a plans and strategies to cater impeccable SEO service

SEO site Auditor

Before drafting the plans and strategies, as an SEO auditor, you will be able to audit your client's website to assess the areas that need tweaks and enhancements for ranking at higher positions on Google. This includes: Title and meta tags across all the pages in a website, current google ranking positions, keyword analysis, website performance using Google Webmaster and Google analytics, Site architecture. Competition is very high when opting for online business compared to offline. You will also be able to devise robust competitor analysis will help you comprehend your competitor's product performance, sale and marketing strategies. A competitor analysis will give insights to enhance the SEO plans and strategies for yeilding better ranking. And you will also taught in SEO course on how to device the thorough SWOT analysis of all your competitors, in order to, optimize the webpages and website impeccably in accordance to the Search Engine's algorithms.

We will be happy to help if you have any queries on SEO training. Please call 7PIXELZ on 72000 37781 to get your query clarified.

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