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Things to Know before developing an Android

It is a well know fact that the number of smartphones and its associated applications are growing and developing at very high pace ever since its invention. But if you're are beginner level Android Developer who have just completed the Android Development training and you have successfully created your first app, there is very high probablity that your app migh simply go overlooked. Creating an Android app for smartphone isn't all about getting things done quickly and launch into market as soon as possible. Because there are several things which needs to be considered before getting started with development of the app. Smartphone Android apps, similar to the other business strategies which should be organized, strategized, and designed to resolve the issues for end-users.

In order to develop a killer app, you should know how things work and what need to be considered before developing an Android app. Let’s begin with an example – Say that you have got a concept to develop an application however you don’t understand whether or not it really can get considerable amount of response from users or not. The first and foremost step in developing an Android app step is that your plan should be unique which no one has ever been been implemented before. And even if you develop the best Android app that no one has ever developed, then what is the guarantee every user will download your app and use? Even though they download what are the probabilities of using your app in the right way? All these question can be effectively answer by yourself, when you really know what are things need to considered before developing an Android. So let us check that out

Tips to get hired as an Android Development

  • Market Research
  • Choosing the right platform for development
  • Target Audience
  • Speed and Performance of your App
  • UI&UX of your App
  • Promoting and Marketing Strategies of the App
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Simple yet powerful features
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