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What is the best way to learn PHP?

How to learn PHP?

It is quite knowledgeable to know how to approach learning PHP and how to plan before you start learning PHP. Professional web developers or PHP programmers have learned PHP by dedicating considerably long hours of learning and understanding the fundamentals of PHP. To match that level of dedication, you should also have to be compelled to make sure that you're motivated to learn PHP in a same dedicated level, and ideally ready to learn PHP quickly and with full effort efficiently. The slower and more inefficient your learning strategies will take more time and keep you from becoming a web developer or get a job as a PHP developer or create a web application you have got in mind. Which is why we recommend students who want to become a PHP developer to take up the PHP course in order to learn the advanced concepts of PHP thoroughly.

The slower and inefficient learning approach and methodologies will eventually make you lose interest in PHP and will make give up on learning PHP totally. A research conducted by Harvard and MIT to bolster the above statement which shows that only 4% of students who register for an online course complete it successfully. So, however, we are going to provide you with some tips on how to learn PHP efficiently and how to avoid becoming one among the 96% of students who give up.

Best way to learn PHP

Check out the 10 tips on "How to learn PHP" to assist you to master the PHP programming language. These tips and ideas are meant to assist you on how to approach learning PHP effectively and at the same time keep you motivated. Additionally, it will teach you how to avoid some potential difficulties.

  • Make your mind up. You have to be dedicated to learning PHP
  • Draft a learning schedule and follow it without fail
  • Learn HTML first
  • Always prefer active learning over passive learning
  • Don't be afraid to break things
  • Make use of Error reporting in PHP
  • Familiarize the syntax
  • Keep your code readable
  • Solve problems on your own
  • Understanding terminologies and jargons
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