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What Programming language is required for Web Desiging?

With the increased popularity and ever evolving technological advancement in web technology, it has become quite necessary for every single business to upgrade to online business. So having a website primary thing when you start an online business. But it doesn't stop with that. In order to acquire new and more customer, it is mandatory to have an appealing website which is visually attractive, highly functional and user friendly at the same time. All these things can be achieved by web designing. It is quite important and plays an integral of all online businesses.

But the real question is how to accomplish it? Obviously, with the programming languages. But there are tons of programming language out there. What are the programming languages required for web designing in the beginners perspective who's looking to take up web designing training. This blog will highlight the essential programming language for web designing for beginners.

What is a programming language?

A programming language is computer readable language which is often to control or order the actions of a computer. There are ample number of programming language out there ever since the invention of computers. A programming language is usually categorized into two components namely syntax and semantics. Syntax is a form or type whereas semantics is the meaning of that form or type.Not all the programming languages are the same. So it is important to choose the correct programming language for web designing for beginners in order to understand the fundamentals.

Which Languages Should You Learn as a Web Designer?

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript
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