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Why Alt text is Important?

Alt text is a shortened form to refer to alternative text for the images used on the website. The main purpose of Alt text is to describe the respective image on a webpage. Alt text can be altered only in the HTML code and usually, it is not visible on a live page. Alt text also has an effect on SEO and its ranking on search engines like Google, bing, yahoo, etc. Sometimes, alt text is also known as "alt tags" & "alt description". Alt text is best defined as the written piece of content or copy that appears on a webpage when it fails to load the respective image. This alt tag will help visually impaired people they will using screen-readers or screen-reading tool which will describe an image to them. Having a good alt text will reserve a place on Google image results. If you are having hard time adding alt text for every image on your website, then you can get the help of an SEO company or Digital Marketing Company. Or taking up an SEO training classes or Digital Marketing course will also help you understand how alt text works and how to add them to the website.

Why Alt Text is important?

  • It will help to explain the images that are failed to load
  • Having alt text will help visually impaired as they will be using screen-readers
  • It will have an effect on SEO and its ranking
  • It will help to appear on Google image results
  • It improves topical relevance your site

How to add alt text?

Adding alt text is not a difficult task. It can be easily added to attribute or tag in the HTML code. The syntax of the alt text is given below

<img src="/..../SEO-training-in-Chennai.jpg" alt="best digital marketing training institute in Chennai"/>

"img src" refers to the location of the image in the webserver.

"alt" refers to the alt text

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