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Why Android Developers are switching to Kotlin

Android app development is at large today owing to inevitable penetration of technologies especially smartphones into our lives. There are different types of OS (Operating System) in different types of smartphones. Of all the OS, Android is most popular and stands out in the market boasting its stats which is over 85% of smartphones in the world are powered by Android. Smartphones are dead without the application in it. So this is where Android application and Android app development comes into play. One of the most important things to create exciting and cool apps for smartphones is the programming language. Yes, without a programming language there will no technology today. So what is the programming language used in the Android Development? The answer was pretty obvious in the past few years which is incontrovertibly Java. But now, since the technology is constantly evolving at a burgeoning pace. Today, there is more programming language that can be used to create Android apps. One among those is the Kotlin. Kotlin is a programming language which gained popularity in a very short time in the field of Android development. Even many Android Development Training Institutes in Chennai have started teaching Kotlin in the Android development course.

Kotlin was first launched in 2011 but it gained all popularity and fame only in the mid of 2017. After when Google announced that Kotlin is an officially supported programming language in the Android OS. This is the main reason for its popularity and most Android developers preferred Kotlin over Java. They were considerably many reports in 2017 that predicted that Kotlin will take over Java in a couple of years. Today, it is hard to argue on the statement with given facts and stats. So why Android Developers are switching to Kotlin.

Why Kotlin is preferred?

  • Easy to learn
  • Supported in Android Studio
  • Great for procedural programming
  • Easier and Efficient Development
  • Lambda Expression
  • Extension Function
  • Coroutines
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