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Why Java is important?

Java is one among the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world. Java is mainly used to build new web applications for all kinds of platforms including smartphone apps. Java offers a great degree of versatility which was mainly designed to allow developers and coders to jot down code that will run on any machine, no matter what type of architecture or platform. According to Java's official website, it is reported that more than one billion computers and three billion mobile phones run on Java around the globe.

Uses of Java

Java is primarily used to to create applications and even platforms for a wide range of devices which includes computers, laptops, DVD and Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, automobile navigation systems, parking sensors, medical observation devices, lottery terminals and smartphones. Additionally, Java is reckoned as a key programming language for networking, especially for information centres that store and transfer Web-based data.

Application Development

Since it is a well known fact that Java offers great degree versatility, most of the times, it is used to build or create both large and small dynamic programs that run on any platforms or it can be embedded within content on webpage or website. These Java programs are known as applications. These applications are used to show navigations on maps, weather reports, create games or different interactive widgets or tools on a web page.


Java programming language's syntax resembles C and C++ as both the languages are object-oriented, class-based and so is Java. Developers and coder adapt to any platform and use Java because Java codes can be run securely on any type of platform, no matter the operating system or architecture of the device - given that the device supports or features a built-in Java Runtime environment (JRE). The JRE setting varies depending on the type of device and operating system. However, primarily it runs a “virtual” machine, or environment, that interprets the code into an application or program. If you're a student interested to learn Java course, then contact 7Pixelz, the best training institute Chennai.

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