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Why Java is Secure

Java programming language is becoming more and more popular every single day. This is significantly due of its speed, security, and platform independency. It is estimated approximately that there are more than three billion devices and websites are being supported by the computing platform these days and not to mention its revenue which is shockingly surpassing $100 billion per annum. Java programmers keep increasing exponentially year by year, and this proves that Java programming language is gaining popularity and never looks like going off the trend in anytime soon.

One key reason why Java code holds a special place in the hearts of several programmers is due to the incontrovertible fact that you need to write a program only once and it will run on absolutely anywhere in the world without any necessary modifications. It is a well known fact that Java is object-oriented meaning that programs and codes are simple and straightforward. Java code is often reused, and maintaining its code is less complicated than other programming languages. Also, for Java programming, you will additionally have to use Raspberry pi to follow and learn all the fundamentals.

What is the reason behind it?

But of all the reasons why everybody is considering Java programming language is its high-level security features. Java language guarantees you adequate security when developing or running your applications, which means that every information you transmit via different Java applications will be secured privately and confidentially at all times. The possibilities of your valuable information being corrupted are very low. Java additionally provides you with automatic memory management options that eliminate the probabilities of data loss and vulnerability. Thus, if you are trying to developing an app or program, then there are extremely skilled and reliable companies to which you'll be able to outsource java services. Or you can do it yourself when you learn Java.

  • Several Security API's
  • Security Manager
  • Doesn't use Pointers
  • Automated memory management
  • Compiler checks for errors without any flaws
  • Crytographic security
  • Java sandbox
  • Execption Handling
  • Class loader
  • Foolproof data type checking
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