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Why is Java so popular?

One of the most important reasons why Java is so popular and most preferred programming language is because of its platform independency. Java Programs will run on several kinds of devices including computer(Desktop, PC, Laptops), mobile phones, sensors and so on. Java is capable of running on any device as long as that particular device or computer supports and features a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) built in.

Most of the computers today are compatible with a JRE as well as PCs running on Windows, Macintosh computers, UNIX or Linux computers, and large mainframe supercomputers. Not to mention android applications as all the apps are created using Java programming language.

Java has been into existence for more than a few decades. Some of the notorious organizations around the globe are built using Java programming language. Several banks, retail stores, insurance firms, utilities, and even manufacturers all use Java as a significant part of business.

According to Steve Zara who has been programmer for almost 50 years, Java is an evolving programming language which constantly combines stability with the innovation of latest technologies unambiguously. And he believes that there is never going to be an end for this tremendously popular programming language.

He also highlighted the longevity of the language stating that the code which has been written fifteen years ago will still run on the most up-to-date JVMs and gain the speed advantage of the most recent profiling, native code translating, and memory management. So these are reason why Java is popular and why students want to learn Java course.

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