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Why Kotlin is the future of App Development?

Kotlin was first developed by a group of programmers of a software development company referred to as JetBrains in Russia in the year 2011 and after which it is enhanced by many open-source developers. In 2019, Google disclosed Kotlin the most preferred programming language for Android app development.

Kotlin is a typewritten programming language which will run on the Java virtual machine. Since it is an open-source, multipurpose, and pragmatic programming language, it combines or brings together both acquisitive and functional programming features with the aim of enabling quicker compilation. Kotlin has high relevancy and popularity these days just because it is open-source and offers in depth features that really come in handy. It is developed in the aim of solving the issues or problem that Android developers have bee facing while developing an Android Application. Kotlin is one among the programming languages that efficiently solves the queries and issues that existed in Java. This gives developers a degree of flexibility, safety, clarity, and tooling support.

With Google itself turning into Kotlin centred, several developers are and have already adapted to it, and therefore the incontrovertible fact is that several Java apps are being rewritten in Kotlin currently, which could be a proof to support the title of this blog that is future of building amazing Android apps. The way Swift assured the expiry of Objective C language, Kotlin is equipped to overtake Java from the android app development ecosystem. If you're new to Android Development or a student who is interested in Android Development, then we recommended to take up the latest and advanced Android Development Training in Chennai.

Why Kotlin will Overtake Java in Android Development

  • Kotlin Offers Brevity
  • Kotlin is Mature language
  • Kotlin has great IDE support
  • Kotlit offers more natural way to develop Android apps
  • Kotlin is highly reliable due to its developmental process
  • Kotlin is much safer than Java
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