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Why PHP is still the most preferred scripting language?

Why PHP is still the most preferred scripting language?

PHP is an abbreviation for Hypertext Preprocessor which is a programming language for the web. PHP is developed from C programming language. PHP is a widely used programming language for open source general purpose. PHP is most commonly used in the field of web development and designing. PHP uses HTML link tags in its scripting. Most often PHP is used in server side, meaning it runs on the web server software which is, however, going to render as HTML to the visitor. In the initial stages, PHP was an acronym to Personal Home Page.

What can PHP do?

PHP is ultimately focused on server-side scripting. So with PHP, you can do anything and everything with it including what other CGI programs can do. With PHP, you can write a blog, create executable software or service application. Also, you can write a few lines of code to process some data in a matter of seconds. PHP is considered as the most versatile programming language. PHP is mainly used for - Server side scripting, Creating desktop executable applications and Command line scripting.

If you are a developer who thinks PHP is outdated or considering to learn PHP course, it is important to know "Why PHP is still the most preferred scripting language?" Because most of the website, even today, are developed using PHP. PHP is a great choice and most preferred programming language for the following reasons:

  • Simplicity of Coding
  • Fast load time
  • Open Source Language
  • Easy to integrate with
  • Profound Frameworks
  • Less Expensive software
  • Database Flexibility
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