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Why should we use Kotlin for Android Development

It is a well known fact that Java is the most popular and widely used programming language for developing Android apps. But is this only option or only way to create or build an Android application? No, it is not true anymore. There are also other programming languages which are gaining popularity in the field of Android Development. Most popular language among those are used to develop Android Apps are Kotlin. Many experts believe that Kotlin is a worthy alternative for Java to Android Development. We are in the phase or time where experts and professional Android developers are reconsidering Java for Android Development. Few experienced developers have already started using Kotlin to develop apps. What's behind this gaining popularity of this new programming language for developing Android apps. What are the advantages of using Kotlin instead of always preferred Java Language.

Most of the Java Developers are updated to Java 8 and they are stuck with old school Java 6 and 7. So Android developer deliberately missing exciting features of Java 8. This has become a standard and looks like it never going to improve and upgrade to latest Java 8. So that's how Kotlin gained popularity and slowly taking over Java. Just like Java Kotlin is also an open source language which is why today most of the developers are more likely to use Kotlin for app Development. However, in order to use Kotlin for Android development, one should have mastered Android Development course.

8 Reasons to use Kotlin for Android Development

  • Language and Developing Environments is mature
  • Makes the whole development proces much easier
  • Can be smoothly integrated with Android Studio
  • More Concise than Java
  • Safer Code
  • Safer and Smarter Compiler
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is a multi-platform
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