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Why should you learn Android Development?

Smartphones have become ubiquitous and inevitable at the same time in today's digital driven world where one can't survive with it. To keep up this standard, Google strives hard to cater to better technology as a result of this Android is evolving perpetually. There are also smartphones that's configuration are almost matched to the level of computers featuring powerful processor, 4GB to 6GB of RAM and impeccably GPU. However, in order to use these super cool smartphones to their full potential and make them an amazing tool, anyone needs an application, commonly known as an app. Even though we are past several years after the launch of the first smartphone on this planet, there is only two most popular Operating System for these smartphones that is Android and iOS. But we will focus only one Android and why should you learn Android Development course.

In today's technological era, Google’s Android OS has have taken the world by storm as it is penetrated every nook and corner of this planet. According to reports from Statista.com and Mashable.com, Andriod is going off the charts, accounting up to 80% of the overall smartphones sales around the globe. The companies are investing boatloads of money in this and are hiring professionals with certified experience in Android App Development readily compared to the professionals in the other mobile tech. As mentioned earlier, there is new and updated version Android every year and these updates are catered to all of the smartphones by OTA updates (Over-The-Air). Most of the time, these Android updates are rolled out in batches in the order of covering the latest smartphone first to the oldest ones. Since Android is getting better and better, this provides strong anyone to learn android development course. This blog will also highlight a few more compelling reasons to learn android development.

8 Reasons why should you learn Android Development

  • Open Source Code
  • Huge App Market and User Base
  • Umpteen Job Opporunities
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Monetize Apps
  • Large Community and support
  • High Earning Potential
  • High demand of Android Developers
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